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An atmosphere of openness.

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Those who believe that living in a mountain valley makes its residents closed, resistant to change and hard to relate to are hugely mistaken. We are a proactive, open and receptive studio which loves sharing ideas, projects, objectives and finding the best solution to resolve problems. If you are also of this mindset, get in touch. It could be that we are looking for someone just like you - and that you are looking for a studio just like us.

A dynamic environment

Ours is a dynamic environment in which we try to combine competency with a human touch, based on courtesy, mutual understanding and the sharing of creative ideas. Without forgetting professionalism. To deal with complex situations and to stay up-to-date with ever-changing advancements in the financial sector we have to keep studying, staying informed and remaining one step ahead. We are looking for people who have these abilities and we offer in return:

  • A stimulating working environment
  • A young and dynamic team
  • The opportunity to grow personally and professionally
  • A competitive salary
What are we looking for?

A knowledge of the tax consultancy sector, from corporate law to extraordinary transactions; domain expertise, the desire to take part in continued professional development, a knowledge of more than one foreign language and a talent for communication; the ability to deal with challenging situations with a spirit of initiative and a desire to learn; the ability to work independently and proactively and be results-driven; a talent for problem-solving, a determination to deal with complex situations and a desire to give your all without ever giving up.

  • A passion for challenges
  • A passion for resolving complex situations
  • The desire to take part in continued professional development
  • Results-driven