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Credibility, authenticy, loyalty and respect are the points on our compass.

Core values

You will find us in the heart of the Dolomites, among mountaineers, hoteliers and farmers. We are professionals in providing advice in relation to corporate, tax and business affairs. From father to son, the Studio Sorà has never strayed from the path of passion and dedication, for the complete satisfaction its clients.

We come from a land which inspires and guides us. It is an unbreakable bond, but it doesn't hold us back. We are open and innovative. The studio is made up of people and not numbers or standardised specifications. Discussion, analysis, study and loyalty are our bread and butter. This allows us to be credible and, above all, to stay motivated. Our aim is not just to be consultants, but ambassadors for the businesses who want to work with us. Looking towards the future, with our feet firmly on the ground and with the knowledge that there are no short-cuts, just tangible results that you are able to touch.

Our way of operating is based on a core value that we define as integrity. Integrity amongst colleagues, knowing that we do an important job for our clients above all. This doesn't stop us from being creative, spontaneous and happy to work together. Integrity with regards to the clients who choose to work with us, because our aim is to add value to those who create value, and we want to protect, increase and strengthen it. Finally, for us integrity is a synonym for honesty: towards our colleagues, our partners that we choose and our clients.

In today's world the word professionalism is certainly overused, even exhausted. However we believe ourselves to be true professionals with regards to organisation, efficiency, knowledge and competency. We receive the client's requests, needs and requirements and transform them into focused solutions which meet agreed timings and specifications. We want to contribute to the success of those who turn to us, whether they are self-employed, or small or large businesses. We have a network of reliable colleagues and what interests us most is creating an open dialogue with people, seeing them more as partners rather than just clients.

Our studio is open, dynamic and reactive. Despite our extensive experience, our desire to grow is a priority. One of our strong points is the desire to research, to stay up-to-date, to view innovation as a stimulus for improvement and advancement. We love challenges, we are open and we want to share that innovative spirit with our clients. We have a culture of ingenuity, and a positive energy which comes from activity, action and initiative. We know that the future is rooted in the past, and that only knowledge can help us to imagine what the future holds.

We believe that respect and trust are fundamental values because one can't move ahead without clarity, collaboration and candour. Otherwise we end up on a road we don't want to go down. Trust is at our core, because we believe in team spirit with regards to roles and with regards to our clients, who we want to build an honest, direct relationship with, without misunderstandings. A fair and mutual exchange of trust is the best way to obtain agreed results.

Working in a relaxed atmosphere, in which everyone, including clients, feels involved and engaged is a great way to be able to deal calmly with situations which can sometimes be complex. In our studio we aim to create professional relationships which also allow for a human touch, for openness and mutual assistance. The same goes for the clients: no strained and awkward relationships, instead openness and honesty. Creating a familiar atmosphere makes everything simpler. We like cooperation and not division. For this reason we are also happy to work on activities for not-for-profit organisations and causes which are for the common good of our local area.