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A broad range of activities.

Areas of expertise

A combination of forty years of experience, and a network of specialised colleagues allows us to work in many different areas with speed and accuracy.

Reliable partners

Over time we have created a network of reliable partners with establised experience who work in line with the values of our studio. They have been chosen to guarantee the solution to every type of problem and to operate simultaneously in many different areas.

Our 360 degree consultancy

  • We represent one trustworthy point of contact in the field of consultancy custom-made
  • We are a young and dynamic team which is ready to help clients 
  • We guarantee maximum levels of professionalism and integrity
  • Reliability and responsibility are qualities which set us apart
  • We have more than forty years experience
  • We know to be pragmatic in order to meet the desired objectives

When it comes to tax affairs, we apply a tailored approach to our knowledge. Without suggesting quick-fixes or shortcuts, we carry out custom-made strategic solutions to start a business, following its development and growth. We always see the bigger picture, thinking about the long-term and in line with changes to the law.

Our 360 degree view consulting offers:

  • Assistance and consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, as well as foreign entities
  • Tax planning and optimisation for all types of entities (private, business, not-for-profit)
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns for businesses and private individuals
  • Preparation and submission of inheritance declarations with the relevant registration of transfer
  • Assistance and consultancy with tax disputes (tax checks and verifications)

We are specialists in offering services in the field of payroll processing, assisting with on-site disputes with staff and with personnel management. We guarantee a consultancy service which is personalised and considers the requirements of the business while minimising the risks which come from any eventual disputes.

What we do:

  • Payroll processing and payment of any type of charges or tax returns relating to workers and employees
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Management of social security accounts
  • Onsite support with employment and social security disputes (trade union negotiations)
  • Assistance and consultancy relating to employment law

We add value to those who create value, with personalised solutions, professionalism and transparency.

Our ethos

We help you every step of the way when starting your business, choosing the best and most favourable path for you to follow, ensuring that your business develops in a way which is sound and aligns with the predetermined goals. During the growth phase, we support the business with any eventual company transformations, acquisitions, mergers and generational transitions.

Throughout the life cycle of businesses, companies and not-for-profit organisations, we guarantee assistance and consultancy in diverse areas including:

  • Drafting of statutes and shareholder agreements
  • Continued business support during the lifetime of the business
  • Extraordinary transactions: business transfers, company sales, mergers, closures, divisions and transformations
  • The transfer of stocks and shares
  • Business valuation (expert estimates)
  • Contractual consultancy: contracts for the buying and selling of property, leasehold contracts, business rental agreements, building contracts and business contracts
  • Deeds of donation and family agreements

Over the years we have gained strong expertise in the field of accountancy. We know that accountancy today is more strategic than ever both in terms of controls and the understanding of warning indicators, which are fundamental to avoiding company catastrophe and for protecting assets. In addition to this, we offer voluntary and compulsory auditing services.

Here are the specifics of the areas we work in:

  • Management and implementation of any type of bookkeeping services
  • Management of electronic invoicing and online payments using tools which are directly integrated with our software
  • Preparation of complusory annual financial statements as well as ad-hoc financial statements depending on client requirements
  • Development of business plans for investment valuations as well as bank loans
  • Review of financial statements and profitability
  • Performing compliance with regards to the chamber of commerce and other public offices
  • Compulsory and voluntary auditing of financial statements
We believe in what we do

We turn needs into focused solutions

We want to contribute to the success of those who create value by applying our knowledge in the fields of accounting, tax, employment and corporate affairs with a tailored approach.

A broad range of activities

Whether you are self-employed, a small business or a large company, we know how to help you. A combination of forty years of experience, and a network of specialised colleagues allows us to operate in many different areas with speed and accuracy.

We roll up our sleeves

We are a dynamic, open and innovative team. Our studio is made up of people and not numbers or standarised specifications. Discussion, analysis, study and loyalty are our bread and butter. This allows us to be credible and, above all, to be more than just consultants.