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The mountains teach practicality, amongst other things, to those who grow up in their shadow.


The mountains teach practicality, amongst other things, to those who grow up in their shadow. A practicality that can be open, honest, fair and authentic. It goes straight to the point when it comes to people, time and requirements. It's this practicality that I cultivate and aspire to, day after day, thanks to the training from my father. Along with my colleagues, I want to work alongside professionals, firms and businesses with skill and an open mind.

We aren't just consultants. Our aim is to be partners, advocates who are able to inspire trust and instill certainty. We want to suggest ideas and not quick fixes, let alone shortcuts, with professionalism, transparency and personalised solutions. With regards to privacy we are prompt, clear and efficient. We want to add value to those who create value, and not just in economic terms, because we feel part of a community and we want to support it with commitment, with care and with respect. 

Sorà Giulio

We are team players.

Sharing, planning, discussion and research: the primary objective of our business is to support our organisational and structural development to always be well-informed, proactive and close to our clients.

We cultivate a shared view and believe in mutual collaboration to ensure we are all on the same page.

This allows us to work side-by-side with our clients, providing support and trust by being skilled and offering a high quality service.

Another fundamental perspetive which characterises us is that we value time. We know that it is precious and that it takes time to grow and improve.

At the core of our business we communicate in a way which is open, transparent and based on trust with all the business' partners, whether they are internal or external.

The common goal is to offer solutions which are personalised, clear and are custom-made, simplifying the aspects of a world which is increasingly chaotic and complicated for all those who request our services.

Transparency is of fundamental importance to us.

We like the running of water in a stream. We like its crystal clear transparency and cleanliness, the freshness and energy that it emits. We like to imagine our studio in the same way: a flow of water which runs through environments which are sometimes complicated and convoluted, providing transparency and clarity of intent for the satisfaction of all our clients.

Corvara Location and offices
45 years of experience

The future is rooted in the past, if you do not know where you have come from, it is diffcult to understand where it is possible to go.

Core values

We know the local area and the realities of life here.

Over time we have developed a broad range of skills that allows us operate in many areas in the field of tax and legal consultancy, commercial and corporate law. This allows us to be sensitive to the needs of those who live and work in the area we know so well, and enables us to resolve their problems.

We work in many fields, with consideration for all.

Our community is diverse and many-sided. Tourism, agriculture, business professionals and traders, craftsmen and non-commercial entities: the areas we cover are dynamic and flexible, allowing us to manage any type of unique need and request. We know the local area because we are part of it.